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LIT Laser systems represents the latest in smart fiber laser technology. Our approach has drasticly reduce the price of laser systems. This unprecedented value and versatility has enabled students, technicians, engineers, inventors, makers, and hobbyists a chance to own laser systems that have been out of reach for many.

A privately held company, LIT LASER Corporation, founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Fabio L. Hoyos Jr. Having found the company in 2007, Fabio is actively involved in every aspect of the company's operations. He actively leads our company, ensuring that the company's mission is realized daily. Corporate headquarters is located in California


The self-funded company focuses on laser systems and integration with leading suppliers around the globe.


Selling to a variety of markets, LIT LASER has built its position in the marketplace with cutting edge laser technology and software by providing laser systems and software solutions that have the ease of use not found in any laser equipment. With the advanced feature set of, power, and flexibility of high-end custom solutions without the associated costs and complexities. LIT LASER strategically addresses the pressing needs of the small to medium businesses, providing a scalable, integrated, and customizable solution that increases productivity to unmatched levels from a single-user environment.


LIT LASER, has gone through many changes rapidly responding to user feedback. LIT LASER Appreciates the working relationship that it holds with its customers. We believe that this customer interaction is the reason for our success.


LIT LASER is used by users worldwide in over 10 countries.

Enabling You With Affordable Laser Technology

Reliability with Support & Service


Our systems have been engineered to have many years of service. With tight quality check points both foriegn and domestic it ensures a quality product every time. This will provide years of service and affordable ownership.

Additional Services We Offer


Engaging a manufacturing consultant is an excellent way to kick-start your use of a laser system. If you’re new to laser machining, a consultant can get you off on the right foot and shorten your learning curve. However, as with most professional consultation, you should use your consultants to augment the internal skills within your company or accelerate your learning. They should be an aid, not a crutch. In the long run, your success will improve if you learn how to program, operate, and maintain the machine yourself.

Laser System Installation

Every minute and hour matters, whether you’re a small shop or a research and development team looking to prototype ideas. Our LIT LASER technical experts can make the seemingly-overwhelming machine installation process a breeze and less taxing for your team by assembling the machine.


Client understands and agrees to follow all FDA & OSHA safety guidelines.


Estimated lead time 6-8 weeks after down payment clearance and excluding holidays & vacations.

One day training via TeamViewer after client has installed the laser.

Any further training that is needed will be on call bases.

Payment Terms

  • 100% pre-pay due prior to starting a project.

  • Equipment remains the property of LIT LASER Corp. until balance is paid in full.

  • Payment Method: By check or wire transfer.

  • Late fee accrues 1.5% per month until balance is paid in full.

  • All sales are final.

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