Can You Laser Engrave Leather?

Did you know that you can laser engrave leather? Laser cutting and engraving is becoming increasingly popular, and frequently sees application on wood, metals, and textiles. However, with the use of the right machine and leather material, you can engrave high quality designs and words into your leather surface as well. There are a couple of ways this can be done, and we’re here to explain them.

How to Engrave Leather

The good news is that leather is very capable of absorbing the lasers used in engravers. Feel free to make use of bonded leather, natural, suede, or others. Synthetic leather is the most common type used in laser engraving as it is highly customizable and comes in all colors and design. However, synthetic material does contain PVC which can create harmful gases if care is not taken with the laser.

Make Sure There’s Proper Ventilation

Along with the potential for aforementioned gases, burnt leather creates a particularly strong scent. You’ll need to see that there is proper room for all of the scents to escape the laser area for health and safety reasons.

With Leather, Use Low Power

Unlike firmer materials such as wood or metal, leather tends to mark very easily with a laser beam. Start a passthrough on a lower power setting. If the engraving isn’t as deep or clear as you would like, you can adjust the settings slightly from there. Depending on what leather type you are using, particularly natural, your engravings may look different as no two pieces are exactly the same.

Light Colors Work Better than Dark

The burn into leather will leave a deep marking that is darker than the rest of the leather. This natural accent makes engravings turn out beautifully on light colored leather. On dark leather, the accent doesn’t pop the same way, making it look dull and almost blend in with the rest.

Using a laser is much simpler than engraving with traditional stamps. You simply need to insert the laser cutting leather and let the machine work. No clamps, hammers, or stamps are necessary to create your design. You’ll want to avoid treating natural leather as it can ruin the integrity of the material. Synthetic leather, however, can be cleaned without issue.

What Do You Typically Leather Engrave?

A variety of your possessions may already comprise themselves of leather. Popular items for engraving are wallets, briefcases, bracelets, jackets, and more. If you want to personalize your work briefcase with a bit of style, laser engraving it with a laser cutter is a savvy option. Personally engraved items also make for excellent gifts and heirlooms to pass along.

Laser Engrave Leather the Lit Laser Way

For all of your leather engraving questions and needs, Lit Laser knows the answer. We provide top-quality laser engraving and laser cutting services for a variety of material types. We also have a variety of laser systems and accessories for purchase so that you can get started on your own. For more information, give Lit Laser a call at (888)-407-9626 to get solutions for all your laser engraving needs.

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