USB Keys and The Problem with Chinese Laser Engravers

As we’ve previously discussed, there are a number of problems you may face if you choose to buy laser engravers from China. We’ve generally looked at this from a hardware perspective: aside from the lower quality engravings they do, you also have to worry more about your safety, since the Chinese engravers may not have the safety precautions that they should have.

Today, though, we’re going to take a look at Chinese engravers from a software perspective. Specifically, we’re going to examine software instructions and the infamous “USB dongle” that is so necessary for your laser engraving project.

Not Receiving the Software

Some Chinese sellers choose to send laser engraving hardware and software in different packages. If your machine arrives but your software is lost in the mail, you’ll have a hard time getting your machine to work. As well, you’ll have to hope that the software works with your computer, since some modern-day computers don’t even accept USBs.

Not Being Able to Use the Software

Even worse? Many Chinese manufacturers are using a hacked driver card. This means, when you try to launch the official software from EZCAD, it will launch in Demo Mode. A message will ask you to insert a dongle. But the dongle is embedded in the driver card. You’ll have to replace the whole driver card to get out of Demo Mode, but if you replace the driver card, we’ll have to rewire your machine.

Simply put, you can’t make a hacked driver card work with the official software. If you bought a legitimate, non-hacked driver card, please note that you can get the official EZCAD software on our site. It can be downloaded for free.

Knowing How to Work Your Laser Engraver

Assuming the software on your USB actually works, you then have to figure out how to use it. These instructions are usually sent on a DVD that comes with the USB. However, this can be problematic for a couple reasons.

The first is simple enough: sometimes, the instructions may not have made it onto the DVD. In this case, you simply have to hope that you can figure out the software. As previously mentioned, this can be difficult, since the software is most likely going to be Chinese.

Even if you get instructions, you have to hope that the English portion of the instructions is correct. Sometimes, the Chinese instructions will be correct, but the English instructions will be something else entirely. This is obviously a problem if you don’t understand the language.

You Don’t Know What You’re Getting When You Order Engravers from China

When you buy a product online, chances are you’ll look at the product description to ensure it suits your needs. Unfortunately, sometimes the people selling Chinese laser engravers simply copy and paste products descriptions. This means you can’t be sure that the product you’re buying actually matches its description.

Shopping for a Quality Laser Engraver?

At LITLaser, we believe that quality is one of the most important factors to consider when you’re looking for a laser engraver. This helps you create high-quality pieces, and it also protects you from the dangers that can arise from poorly manufactured machines.

Whether you choose to buy engravers or software from us, please know that we’re here to help you if any problems arise.

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