Choosing the Right Galvo Head and Why?

As we move through each decade, we are approaching a technologically-dependent world. The demand for high-performance gadgets in the modern era is expanding very fast in every industry. Laser Marking Software has promising development within its respective industry. It’s a technique based on image formation through distance measurement.

The scanned laser beams are employed in 3D printers, Laser TV, barcode scanners, and various other areas. Galvo heads are laser marking machines used in practical applications like printing, metal cutting, and jewelry. Great care and consideration is required to choose the right galvo head.

How to Choose?

Several parameters should be carefully considered while choosing the right galvo head. It should be stable, efficient, cost-effective, and consumes minimal power. The size of the device is also an essential factor in decision-making. The tool should not be so huge to try to choose the portable designs as large machines require high maintenance costs and electricity bills. The laser source, power, voltage, electricity consumption, certification of the product, and the credibility of the manufacturing company should be selected vigilantly. There are also different models available for various purposes. Autofocusing machines are also available in the markets.

Laser Source

The laser source is a critical factor in an efficient galvo head. The galvo head with powerful lasers will be more productive. In the latest models, mostly Nd: YAG laser beams are utilized because of their profound engraving powers. The speed and impact volume is high for the Nd: YAG lasers. Even in these lasers, there are several operating wavelengths from 1064 nm to 1440 nm that depend on the nature of the use. There are some more types of lasers such as CO2 lasers, UV lasers, and fiber lasers that have been employed for the galvo head devices.

Suitable Materials

Fiber laser is ideal for the metal carvings and engravings. It is also useful for the cutting of plastic materials. Its output power is mostly between the range 20 W to 120 W. For fabrics, woods or polymers cutting that cannot be reduced by the fiber lasers CO2 lasers have been employed. Their output power lies within 20-150 W. UV lasers are also used for various purposes. It has been applied for metals, woods plastics, and rubbers. UV lasers have low output powers from roughly 50- 700 mW.


The galvo heads work fast to accomplish their tasks within a few seconds. Semi-automatic workstations can also be installed to increase the working volume and to decrease the production time. The compact galvo heads can be easily integrated within the small workstations. With the help of conveyor belts, you may increase the manufacturing process up to a considerable extent.

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