Choosing the Right Laser Marking Software

Marking or Engraving is the practice of carving a design onto a hard material. Laser marking is used as a general term covering a roomy spectrum of surfacing techniques including printing, hot-branding and laser bonding. A modern laser marking system requires the best laser marking software. Here are a few lasers marking software’s which are used widely.


EzCad is the well-known laser marking software for fiber laser; it is quite simple and easy to operate. It can use on CNC with the engraving speed of 3000 it can apply to Crystal, metal, paper, rubber, stone, plastic, wood, plywood, etc. It has certain features like it is password control prevents parameters being changed it support rotary marking and double axis mosaic marking. EzCad is cheap and easy to control laser engraving software.

Laser Studio Lite

This software is fully developed and support all types of laser sources beam delivery design and automation system integration. The major format supported by Laser studio lite is PLT, AI, DXF, and DWG. It is 9 filling patterns and multiple passes supported. The major format supported by this laser marking software is JPEG, JGP, PNG, PDF, and GIF.

Laser Studio Professional

It is the most effective software tool in the market. Regardless of the applications and budget, the laser studio professional software solution is available in different dedicated and scalable level packs. It offers innovation, versatility, and performance and improves the quality of the work and productivity. This marking software provides a wide range of files for import/export. This includes JPG, IGS, EPS DXF, DWG, HPGL, etc.

Laser Studio Professional 3D

Laser Studio Professional 3D is the latest and most innovative laser engraving software it controls laser source, positioning stages, galvo scanners, and other devices. It has several versions and modules to fit different applications and budgets. STL files can be sliced and hatched and used for 3D laser printing and 3D laser engraving. DXF, DWG, STL, Gerber, and NC Drill files can be imported to this software and used for laser machining.

Custom Software

A complete software solution for laser engraving it is integrating 2D CAD, 3D modeling tools and CAM. A broad range of Laser paths strategies to adapt the work. This software offers professionals from the molding and engraving industries, sign makers and jewelry. It is user friendly graphical interface. This software is configured to metric dimension standards for the highest level of accuracy.

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