Common Laser Engraving Mistakes

As laser engraving and laser cutting technology enters the hands of new users, many common laser engraving mistakes are likely to become more frequent.

In an effort to help avoid these frequent errors, we’ve listed some things to look out for below as well as some common misconceptions about how to fix them.

Laser Engrave Mistakes to Be Conscious Of

Double Check Names, Dates, and Phrases

One of the main things frequently engraved into products is names, dates, or phrases. However, there’s nothing worse than engraving something into a valuable item or keepsake only to find that it’s misspelled or incorrectly entered. Once a laser engraving machine runs a pattern on materials like a glass surface, a type of wood, or a type of acrylic, it’s essentially done.

It’s also a misconception that any type of metal can be filed down to eliminate engravings and start over. This is true of some metal, but nevertheless, filing the product down will deteriorate the quality as you are permanently removing layers of the surface. Additionally, buffing down a metal-plated product just removes the plating and leaves you with a destroyed item.

Before beginning any sort of laser engraving, check, double-check, and triple-check any words or numbers to be absolutely sure they were entered correctly.

Make Sure Your Settings Are Saved for the Engraving Process

Another one of the more common mistakes is failing to save customized settings when dealing with different materials. You always want to run some spare material through the machine to test out laser power and the approximate desired engraving area. This allows you to see how different materials will react to laser burns and whether or not to use low or high speeds.

Once you’ve ascertained that your fabrics can withstand the laser intensity, be sure to save that combination of settings for the main event. This helps save time and product when attempting to laser engrave delicate materials.

Avoid Common Laser Engraving Mistakes with LIT Laser

You should always consider professional expertise and high-end products when looking for high-quality laser engraving. LIT Laser provides laser engraving and laser cutting services and products to help you personalize your materials.

For assistance with your laser engraving endeavors, call us today at (888)-407-9626 to get more information!

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