Laser Engraving Metal Weapons

Metal is a difficult material to engrave. This is especially true if you want to

get a deep engraving. Different types of metals react differently to the heat,

and you want to make sure nothing gets overheated. Along with the type of

metal being used, you also have to have a deep understanding of how your

laser engraver works.

Still, there are several reasons why you may want to engrave your metal

weapons. We’ll list them below.

Get Your Weapon to Look Just Right

Whether you’re hunting or going to the shooting range, chances are high

that other people are going to see your weaponry. Laser engraving offers you

the chance to personalize your weapon, making it easily identifiable. There

may not be a strong reason why you need to have a skull on your weapon,

but the reasoning is simple enough: it looks cool.

If you’re feeling patriotic, laser engraving a US flag on your gun or knife is a

popular choice!

Serializing Your Gun

If you’re making your own guns, you need them to be serialized. This means

engraving numbers onto the surface of the metal. This helps law

enforcement if they’re trying to decide who a particular gun belongs to.

This is also important for your own safety. If your gun is stolen, you need to

report it as soon as possible. This lets law enforcement know that your gun is

no longer in your control.

Interested in Engraved Metal?

At LIT Laser, we’re the laser engraving experts you can trust.

Whether you’re looking to get your weapons engraved or you simply want to

ask a question before buying a laser engraver of your own, we’ll help you get

the answers you need.

We offer laser engravers for sale, but we’ll also laser engrave an object for

you. Call us at 1-888-407-9626 or contact us here to get started on your laser engraving journey!

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