Why Manufacturers Should Use Laser Engravers to Fight Counterfeiters

Counterfeit products are a manufacturer’s worst nightmare. They essentially allow the counterfeiter to ‘steal’ a customer, who might have otherwise bought a product at full price. Additionally, they dilute the power of a brand: if a product is well-made – if it has a reputation for dependability or scarcity – knock-off products are undesirable.

If you don’t have the time of inclination for lawsuits, below you’ll learn how laser engravers can help you fight counterfeiters.

Why People Buy Counterfeit Products

There are two types of people who buy counterfeit products: people who are fooled by the counterfeiter and people who don’t want to pay full price for the product. The former group is who we’re targeting with our laser engraving technique: they’re the group that wants to be a part of your customer base. The latter group is more difficult to convert, but fighting counterfeiters gives you a better chance for conversion.

How Laser Engravers Help Fight Counterfeiting

Laser Engravers allow you to create markings that are difficult for counterfeiters to produce. Essentially, you want to engrave your brand and a one-off serial number on each of your products. The brand allows most customers to determine the product’s validity at a glance. If you’re particularly worried about counterfeiting – as you may be, if your product is particularly expensive – the serial number is uniquely identifiable.

How One Company Fought Counterfeiting with Their Laser Engraver

Gillardeau is a famed French oyster farm that produces some of the highest-class oysters in the world. When counterfeiters began pretending their oysters came from Gillardeau, the business was faced with a question: what can we use to distinguish our oysters?

Microchips seemed like the most obvious answer, but it was worried that they might harm the oyster. As it turned out, laser engraving didn’t hurt the creatures. This allowed Gillardeau to engrave their shells, distinguishing its oysters and leaving counterfeiters unable to pretend they had Gillardeau oysters.

Need a Laser Engraver?

LIT Laser offers all of the laser systems and laser software you could possibly need. If you’re not sure that laser engraving is right for you, we also offer laser engraving services. This allows you to see the results of a laser engraver before you buy! If you have any questions about our products and services, feel free to contact us at 888-407-9626.

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