You will receive a DIY laser marking software and driver card. It will be fully documented with instructions on how to install and configure the software and hardware. I will also provide support as needed.


You will speak with an American technician that will fully support your software and hardware questions.


Professional laser marking software. 

With advanced features on the fly marking

X, Y, Z stepper motor control

advanced hatching routines 

Vision System support. For the vision system will require one-day onsite training by our technician.


The driver card all major brands IPG, SPI, Lee Lasers, and many more laser systems.


Competes with all major marking software. Scanlab, Winlase, Hans Laser, BeamConstruct, Lanmark Controls, WinMark, Control Laser, and of Fiber Star which uses this software in all there system!

USB Driver card, USB plug, and play, WIN7 compatible, XY2-100 support, 

1064nm NEW Sunny galvo head with built-in shutter!  XY2-100 interface

All cables are Prewired, so all you have to do is plug and play


DB 25 connector is used on the board to connect with fiber laser module directly Output digital signals for digital scan head. 

Mark-on-fly support on a single machine with multi-card.

One computer works with two pieces of  USBLMC card and marking different content.

Extend axis output: Two Direction/pulse signals, used to control stepper motor or servomotor for rotary marking and split marking.

Eight routes general input signal. (TTL compatible)/8 routes general output signal.

USB2.0 Compatible 


Electrical Parameter Power supply parameters: DC5V/3A Connector: USB connector/DB connector Signal: 16 routes general digital signal.(TTL compatibel)

Mechanical parameters

Storage temperature: -20℃ ± 60 ℃

Working temperature:25℃ ±10℃

ACCESSORIES DB9 male/female sockets USB cable (1.5m) DB15 male/female sockets DB25 cable (1.5m) DB25 male/female sockets D/A board, CD 



Support CO2, YAG, IPG_YLP, SPI G3 

laser, adjusting currents, frequency, duty ratio in software

The password control prevents unautherized users changing parameters.


Two ways for laser calibration: built-in trapezoid calibration, parallelogram calibration, and barrel-shaped calibration, and proprietary calibration software that can provide the exact result

Support two extended axis: support rotary marking and double-axis mosaic marking

Mark-On-Fly [Optional] Support separate red light indication

Powerful IO control functions 256 layers marking parameters 

Multi-lingual supporting, localizing with ease. 

Provide SDK to customize special software Complete hatch functions:ring-like hatch, the free-angle hatch, interesting hatch with margins adjustable,

Support 3 levels hatch and Each level can be set separating parameters 

Powerful variable-text functions;fixed text,date,time,series number,keyboard,file list,COM and network communication,dynamic Files,EXCEL and txt file,and any customized database file image marking;perfect effect close to that of digital camera Supporting documents in the formats of PLT, DXF, AI, DST, BMP, JPG, GIF, TGA, PNG, TIF, and TIFF Supporting common barcode Code39,EAN,PDF417,DATAMATRIX,etc Powerful text inputting function,Supports TruType, JSF(JCZ Single Font),DMF(Dot Matrix Font)and user-defined font htypes Support variable file while marking text and picture(The file name is changeless but contents will be changed in marking)

Powerful edit functions: free curve text; free graph drawing/editing, Combined/Uncombined, group/Ungroup, Undo/Redo, welding, intersecting, and fitting Detailed instruction manual, vivid training textbook, powerful technical support Support 2 boards controlled by one PC


EZCAD Software Laser Marking Driver with USB

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